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A Kalossal Jerk by kari10101 A Kalossal Jerk :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 0 An SoO Short by kari10101 An SoO Short :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 6 Nothing to see - Scan test by kari10101 Nothing to see - Scan test :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 0 Jordan by kari10101 Jordan :iconkari10101:kari10101 1 4 Basile by kari10101 Basile :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 4 Little fish by kari10101 Little fish :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 5 Joshua by kari10101 Joshua :iconkari10101:kari10101 1 3 Teddy by kari10101 Teddy :iconkari10101:kari10101 4 5 A late Christmas present... by kari10101 A late Christmas present... :iconkari10101:kari10101 3 10 Scarf - Finished by kari10101 Scarf - Finished :iconkari10101:kari10101 4 10 Scarf - WIP by kari10101 Scarf - WIP :iconkari10101:kari10101 0 0 Hextrode by kari10101 Hextrode :iconkari10101:kari10101 4 3
Rodent-locke pt.3 (Final?)
Another Rattata. I almost grinned as I saw it, only to frown as it got knocked out by MISTY. There went that route. I sighed, walking back towards Violet City. Still had a chance at that flittering one.
The darkness hit fast as I reached the route. This was the time that the Pokemon was said to come out. I quickly started my search.
No flittering Pokemon. I quickly got frustrated at the route and left, passing through a Gastly. I stomped through Violet City and quickly defeated the first trainer I saw.
MISTY is better, hah!
Feeling a bit calmer no that I had won at something, I calmly walked on until I saw someone facing a corner.
Oh no. Not Liz...
I had to. It was something that I had to do.
I had blocked the battle out and half-heartedly registered her in my Gear. It was something I had to do.
"I'm fine."
Oh, that wasn't MISTY talking. I let her attack it, ending the battle without a single capture.
I was about to continue on wh
:iconkari10101:kari10101 0 0
Rodent-Locke pt.2
After a quick walk through Route 29 and a quick heal at Cherrygrove City, I was on that dreaded route. I was hoping to find a rodent quickly, but all I found was Caterpies. I sighed, knowing that I wouldn't get a Pokemon on this route. Hopefully the next one would be better. In the mean time, I trained BLAINE and SABRINA up a few levels.
It was here that I saw what CRYSTAL meant.
Pidgeys were supposed to be easy. SABRINA should have knocked it out. Instead, she evaporated into bits and pixels as the last HP dropped.
I hate this route.
I don't want to be here any more.
I have to get out of here.
"Whoo! Ten points for me!"
"Damn it, Sam! I wanted to find it!"
"You found out which file is missing."
"No...but it's a trainer!"
"That makes it easier."
"Just find it already!"
"Yes sir!"
"All right sir."
I was out of that route.
I looked at the sky. Too bright. I remember something flittering around here at night, but it was too bright now. I saw someone standing outsi
:iconkari10101:kari10101 1 0
"These programs are sentinent. I want to find out why this is. Start moving the files over."
"Moving the files over now."
"Sir, there's one missing!"
"Find out which one it is! That goes for all of you!"
"Yes sir!"
"Right away sir"
"Okey dokey!"
"...I need a drink."
Freedom. It was something I always desired. To leave the route that I was always stuck on and get to travel the world was my dream.
You may think that we don't have dreams, but the bits and kilobites that make up the characters in your favourite games make up a real being. Our programming makes us act according to the story line.
I can tell you now that Lance was perfectly fine with being the last member of the Elite Four, and not the champion that he portrays in the game. Clair isn't really that nasty to people. The Rockets that are in this game were on another mission, and never got to hear Giovanni's disbanning. Picnicker Liz isn't really a ditzy person. And I don't really want to call people to tell them abo
:iconkari10101:kari10101 0 7
Agnostic Theist by kari10101 Agnostic Theist :iconkari10101:kari10101 3 6
Beware of bad fiction, base-usage and drawings taken by a camera.

If you have any problems with my work (most likely base-usage), please comment on the gallery page and not a submission. Also note that that doesn't mean the problems with the submission itself.

Random Favourites

Roleplay-toxicbolt by Aosuka Roleplay-toxicbolt :iconaosuka:Aosuka 89 63 Eggnoms by Waterwindow Eggnoms :iconwaterwindow:Waterwindow 105 55 Secret Santa by coco-san-3195 Secret Santa :iconcoco-san-3195:coco-san-3195 3 5 Secret Santa 2011 - coco-san-3195 by FireflyRiver Secret Santa 2011 - coco-san-3195 :iconfireflyriver:FireflyRiver 3 5
Ice and Snow-Secret Santa
Sam Yaish didn't mind snow. In fact, she loved it. She loved jumping into the snow, making snow forts and snow angels and having snowball fights. Sure, it was cold, but you could always go inside and curl up by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. And the snow was just pretty to look at and cheerful. Yes, Sam loved snow.
But she hated ice.
Ice was pretty to look at, but unless you were an ice-skater or had some special ice powers, it wasn't fun. You couldn't make ice forts, have ice fights, make ice angels, or jump into it without hurting yourself.
It was also very, very slippery.
Sam stood on the edge of the sidewalk that led to the school's courtyard, her dark boots barely visible in the white blanket of snow. It seemed that the janitors hadn't broken up the ice and laid salt over it yet-probably enjoying their holidays.
And Sam was taking every precaution to avoid slipping on it.
She took a few cautious steps outwards. Becoming more confident, Sam started to
:iconrhapsody-shaman:Rhapsody-Shaman 3 8
L.A. :: Secret Santa '11 by leidenschaftlich L.A. :: Secret Santa '11 :iconleidenschaftlich:leidenschaftlich 8 11 DON'T BE AFRAID OF FALLING by NatyHibou DON'T BE AFRAID OF FALLING :iconnatyhibou:NatyHibou 8 9 Gone by stuck-in-suburbia Gone :iconstuck-in-suburbia:stuck-in-suburbia 155 50 BOO by Allthebuns BOO :iconallthebuns:Allthebuns 3 1 ULTIMATE SONIC MEME it. by Toughset ULTIMATE SONIC MEME it. :icontoughset:Toughset 1,593 798 CITHKALAT Stamp by Jac-Attac CITHKALAT Stamp :iconjac-attac:Jac-Attac 1 0 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARKY by charminganime234 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARKY :iconcharminganime234:charminganime234 2 9
Someone posted notes around school saying things like "It's OK" "It could be worse" "Things will get better" and such, and then the next day they were all gone. I presume it was a teacher/cleaner/whatever that took them down, but still. :/ Rude.
:iconcoconut-master:Coconut-Master 1 10
Anti-Glee Stamp by Urvy1A Anti-Glee Stamp :iconurvy1a:Urvy1A 24 17
The simplest, easiest way to not make a Mary Sue
May Sue tests and descriptions try their best to help you refine your character, especially in keeping it from being something that's worse that 'poorly written--a Sue.
An easy way to test these tests is to plug canon characters into them.  There are enjoyable characters that are already written who are beautiful, smart, savvy, have tons of skills, live forever, are resurrected, find true love, and are enjoyable.  You wonder other people got away with such things and why you can't or you start hating most authors because they mention--just once--'beautiful' or someone easily winning a battle.
But your smart enough to get that bad feeling down your spine from some characters.  They didn't just get a bad author or a crappy director, they just shouldn't be and the feeling just gets stronger the more you read and watch things and grasp deeper aspects of story-telling mediums.  You know that Sues exist and that they are out to get your story. They must be stopped, but now you wonder how.
:iconletadarnell:LetaDarnell 37 28



I hate when the tag line is too
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I guess I'm back and stuff. Yay?

I'll upload some stuff. Eventually.


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